The Little Town That DOES

Walnut, Mississippi. A small town in the tiptop of the state. Only about 800 people make up the town. Several more live just outside the city limits, but are no less Walnutians than those 800. Most people don’t know where Walnut is when I’m asked where we’re from. If they’ve been through on their way… Continue reading The Little Town That DOES


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And just like that, Kindergarten. 

Hudson starts kindergarten this fall. Well no, not this fall. I don’t know why we say that. There’s still more than a month of summer left when they start school.  I’ve already had a couple of breakdowns about him starting. I’ve been a little sad about each milestone he’s reached. Each time I packed away… Continue reading And just like that, Kindergarten. 


Happy Mama’s Day

This is my 6th Mother’s Day as a mama, but it’s one that I didn’t think would ever come. I spent 3 1/2 years wondering if I would ever mother another child. The holiday was both happy and sad for me. I was so happy that I had Hudson, but I would miss the children… Continue reading Happy Mama’s Day


The one where I talk about Daddy…

Gary John Boyd was the last of six children born to James Chester and Annie Hugh Hudson Boyd. And the only boy. He married his high school sweetheart, Susan Elaine Johnson in May of 1974. They had my sister, Lindsey, in 1980 and me 3 years later. Then finally he got two sons-in-law and later… Continue reading The one where I talk about Daddy…


The Middle

It’s easy to talk about God’s plan for our lives once we have what we want. It’s easy to say God’s timing is perfect, at the end of the struggle. When we have what we’ve been praying for, or know the reason we didn’t get what we wanted. But the Middle. The Middle is hard. The Middle… Continue reading The Middle


When the “real” happens. At Walmart.

So remember those real posts a while back? Well here’s another one for you… We’re doing Operation Christmas Joy at our church for children in Panama. Basically, you fill a shoebox size container up with toys and clothes for these sweet babies to open at Christmas. This is our second year to participate in this,… Continue reading When the “real” happens. At Walmart.


Out of the mouth of babes…

Hudson and I have had many, many conversations about heaven in the past 5 and a 1/2 months. He is in awe of it. He wants to know everything about it. What it’s like? Where is it? Can we drive there? Basically, he just wants to know where his G is. And why he didn’t… Continue reading Out of the mouth of babes…


He comes bearing gifts…

Between 4 and 5am (most mornings), I hear Hudson’s door creak open. I hear him fumble with the baby gate that is really a doggy gate, and I hear his sweet pajama footies pad across the hall into our room. He knows the route. Makes his left hand turn. Then right. He comes to my… Continue reading He comes bearing gifts…


We Are More Than Our Chores.

Oh isn’t it just so easy to get caught up in everyday stuff?! To get bogged down in the laundry and the dishes and the floors and the bathrooms and the diaper changes and the cooking dinner and the making lunches and the…you see? Sometimes it’s hard, literally and figuratively, to see past the laundry… Continue reading We Are More Than Our Chores.


Mommy Dancin’

I’m doing the mommy dance a lot lately. You know the one. When you’re trying to cook dinner or fold laundry or clean up the dishes. Something that requires two hands and you don’t have an extra to hold your toddler. Hudson can be playing so well by himself, and so I’ll slip out of… Continue reading Mommy Dancin’