Happy Mama’s Day

This is my 6th Mother’s Day as a mama, but it’s one that I didn’t think would ever come. I spent 3 1/2 years wondering if I would ever mother another child. The holiday was both happy and sad for me. I was so happy that I had Hudson, but I would miss the children I didn’t have. Can you miss something you never had? Anyway I did. And I wrote blogs on it. But never published them. I’m not sure why. Even though we are starting to talk more about infertility and secondary infertility it’s still hard to put your story out there. I think I was afraid of being looked at as selfish. Wanting more, when some women had none.

But this Mother’s Day I want to celebrate all of us. The women who are able to mother as many children as they want. Those with one child begging for another. The ones who are so bravely choosing adoption. Choosing life. Those who mothered and grandmothered us. And those who are fighting to mother. The ones at the 100th doctor visit this month. The ones waiting. And waiting. 

No matter where you are on your mamahood journey. I celebrate you. For your determination to fight for your family. For the sleep you’ve lost and the Legos you’ve found. For lessons you taught. And the ones you learned. For the blood work, tests, and procedures you endure. For the prayers you pray. For the meals you prepare. And the house you keep. For the magical hugs and healing kisses. For working outside the home. For staying at home. For school drop offs and pick ups. For homeschooling. For bottle feeding. For breastfeeding. For smiling through the tears of watching your children grow up. For always being their biggest fan. For being a mama. Whatever that looks like for you. 

So if you’re still waiting to be called Mama or if you’ve worn that title more years than you haven’t, Happy Mother’s Day! You deserve it. 


6 thoughts on “Happy Mama’s Day

  1. This is beautiful, Haley! And I loved the one about your Daddy. You are a talented writer!! Thankful God has blessed you with such a sweet family.
    God bless y’all!

  2. Such a sweet post, Haley!! It made me tear up ☺️ So happy for you and what this particular Mother’s Day means to you! 😘

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