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And just like that, Kindergarten. 

Hudson starts kindergarten this fall. Well no, not this fall. I don’t know why we say that. There’s still more than a month of summer left when they start school. 

I’ve already had a couple of breakdowns about him starting. I’ve been a little sad about each milestone he’s reached. Each time I packed away baby clothes, toddler clothes, the high chair, I got weepy. But then we were off on a new adventure together, so I managed. But this time. This adventure. It’s his own. I mean, I’ll be there (Lord willing). I’ll be dropping him off. Picking him up. Homework-ing. Cheering him on. But I’ll be cheering from the sidelines. Because this is his. He has to do it. I can’t sit beside him at his desk the way I’ve done at home. I can’t make sure he turns his S the right way. Brush his hair to the side when it gets in his eyes. I can’t watch him play. I can’t help him choose his friends. I can’t remind him to use his manners. I won’t be able to sit with him at lunch and talk about our favorite things the way we’ve done almost every single day for 5 years.  Our slow wake ups and morning snuggles will be traded for hurry ups and we’re gonna be lates. He will grow up a little more. Play a little less. Dress up will eventually stop being so much fun. And Mickey Mouse will be for babies. I know this is how it’s supposed to be. I know this is a part of growing up and these things would happen with or without school. It just seems like they would happen slower. And I know it’s just kindergarten. But ask any parent of a high school senior or college freshman and I’ll bet they’ll say it feels like they just registered their baby for kindergarten. 

And I know we are blessed here with great schools and great teachers that I know will take care of our boy. I’m thankful that isn’t a concern for me. I’m thankful for a healthy child. The gravity of that blessing is not lost on me. But it’s going to be such a change for us both. I’m praying he loves it. 

I can, if he does. 



3 thoughts on “And just like that, Kindergarten. 

  1. What a great Mom you are!!! I will miss my visits too, and that excited face at the mention of picking Sawyer up from school, and being scolded for forgetting our number!!

  2. Great writing Haley. It is so hard to let them out of your sight but look forward everyday when he comes in–the stories he will tell of his day and watching him mature. Thankful for little Jake who wil help fill your day while Hudson is out of your sight. Praying for your wonderful family!!

  3. This is perfect! It summed up my every thought last year. I must say though, Kindergarten was so much fun (for Keri…and me 😆). She could not wait to tell me what color she was on at the end of the day (except twice – Orange 😬), what her friends did, what she learned, how she wanted to dress for homecoming, what projects were due, etc. I will warn you…so prepare yourself…It will be over in a flash!!! Know that I am praying for you!

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