We Are More Than Our Chores.

Oh isn’t it just so easy to get caught up in everyday stuff?! To get bogged down in the laundry and the dishes and the floors and the bathrooms and the diaper changes and the cooking dinner and the making lunches and the…you see?

Sometimes it’s hard, literally and figuratively, to see past the laundry pile. To see the extraordinary in our ordinary.

But it is there.

It’s in between all those chores. And it’s in why we do them.

So let’s share our in betweens. Let’s measure ourselves by those.

Not by how many loads of laundry we finished.

Not by whether or not we moved the furniture when we vacuumed.

Not by how many things we checked off our to-do list.

Instead, let’s count the times we break-danced in the living room with our babies. Or by ourselves.

How many times we dropped the laundry basket to read Llama Llama Red Pajama.

How many times we let the dust bunnies roam while we played outside with the pups.

How many times we don’t work tirelessly through nap time, but read a book instead.

Let’s count the minutes we rocked our babies.

Let’s count the smiles. The giggles.

Let’s count the dinosaurs. The trains. The superhero costumes.

Let’s stop measuring our days by our chores and to-do lists. Let’s measure them by the memories.



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