He comes bearing gifts…

Between 4 and 5am (most mornings), I hear Hudson’s door creak open. I hear him fumble with the baby gate that is really a doggy gate, and I hear his sweet pajama footies pad across the hall into our room. He knows the route. Makes his left hand turn. Then right. He comes to my side of the bed and before he’s even gotten to the bedside he’s reaching up his little arms. And he always has a gift. His blanket. Sunglasses. Mickey Mouse. A dinosaur. Sometimes even my shoes that I left in his room the night before. But my favorite thing he brings me is a smile. I know it sounds cheesy and cliché. But mamas get a pass when it comes to cheesy and cliché, right? Because when he comes to our room in the early hours of the morning. When I’m so sleepy, all I can think about is going back to sleep and taking him with me. He gives me a little smile when I pick him up. Just a small grin. And it’s the most precious gift. He loves snuggling with mommy. And for a moment I see that these mornings are fleeting. He’ll be two in just 3 short weeks. And I realize what a short time we have our babies at home. When school starts there will be alarm clocks and backpacks and lunches made and probably a few threats too! It’ll be a new kind of crazy. And I will love it in its time. But right now, I’m so enjoying my little early morning smuggler.



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